* Sanitation of masks created outside of our control, is something we cannot control, we are only providing the supplies to create the masks. All other steps is in the hands of the person creating the actual mask.  We recommend to WASH YOUR HANDS and WEARING GLOVES  before and during the creation of your masks,

when completed making your mask, WASH THE MASKS in HOT WATER, then dry,  flatten and properly bundle each before you distribute to first responders.  most hospitals will wash and sanitize masks before using, so we advise the general public to do so as well. 

* Final construction and assembly is upon the judgment of the person assembling the actual mask. And if design changes are made, it within their best interests, we can only suggest, what is Los Angeles Country Department of Health Standards, which may be different in your jurisdiction.

* We do not make any stipulation or claims of how effective these homemade face asks are (we are following guidelines of Los Angeles County Department of Health to make non surgical face mask for both the general public and first responders. ) 

* We are not liable to completed masks since the masks are created not by our own staff. Any choices and changes on construction deviating from LACDH Guidelines are done so by the volunteer assembling the actual mask. 

* Participating in this volunteer effort you are acknowledging that you hold Design by Donation not liable to any claims, hardships caused, or falseclaims to the effectiveness of our volunteer made product.  We cannot accept returns of damaged or defective product.